• Pest Control on the Farm

    Pest Control on the Farm

  • SafeShifter - Safer Irrigation Shifting

    SafeShifter - Safer Irrigation Shifting


Pesky Ideas Limited is a fully New Zealand owned and operated registered company.

Pesky Ideas came about through a desire to find better solutions for dealing with every day problems on the farm. Tony Overbeek, farmer, inventor and the brains behind Pesky Ideas' products, won't accept the status quo if he thinks there might be a better way.

The first product under the Pesky Ideas umbrella was Wingo, a discovery Tony made when try to find a more reliable and longer lasting way to rid his milking and calf rearing sheds of birds. After trialling Wingo for a number of years on his own farm and finding it worked incredibly well, Tony took the next big step and launched the product nationwide. In a very short time, Wingo was soon available in farm stores, DIY stores and garden stores throughout New Zealand, and is currently being launched to selected markets around the world.

The second product innovation Tony introduced to the world came about after a motorcycle accident while moving irrigation pipes around the farm. Determined to find a safer and easier way to do this everyday job, Tony came up with the Safe Shifter. Now in development with a manufacturing partner, the Safe Shifter is expected to be market ready sometime in 2017.

Behind the scenes throughout this time, Tony continued work on his most recent product launched in New Zealand - the Cool Cow in-shed misting system. Being a dairy farmer and sharemilker himself, Tony, like his peers, dreaded the hot summer afternoons in the milking shed. The flies were the main problem he wanted to get rid of which is what led him to thinking about using water to help get rid of the flies as well as keep everyone, including the herd, cool!

This latest innovation is perhaps the most exciting development in the Pesky Ideas product range. Already the Cool Cow boxes are flying out the door and work is now being done with our existing distribution channels to make this awesome product readily available for all the usual farm stores nationwide.

If you would like to know more about any of our products then please contact us here.