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    Tractor Fires a Very Real Spring HazardEvery year without fail, the season brings with it a rash of tractor fires on farms. For the benefit of our city readers, here's how it works: Spring = birds = birds make nests = tractors make hay = hay is neat stuff to make nests out of = tractor engines have lots of nice dark recesses in which to build nests = birds build nests in tractors = tractor engine overheats = fire. Not a happy equation. Read More »
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    Outdoor Furniture Protected from Bird DamageThe last thing you need when you finally get that lovely new outdoor furniture setting you ordered is to be worrying about birds crapping all over it. One home owner on the Coromandel Peninsula recently came up with a great way to use Wingo to prevent birds from landing or perching on the furniture on their balcony. Read More »
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    Birds Nesting in Driveway Trees Damage CarHaving carefully planted and grown a healthy row of trees along the driveway to provide privacy and form a shelter from the prevailing winds, one urban home-owner has been disappointed to discover the local birdlife has also taken to a liking to her trees. With the branches providing the perfect perching place, the birds are now also pooping all over any cars parked in the driveway – a frustration and embarrassment for both owners and visitors. Read More »
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    Top Brewery & Restaurant Clears Birds From RaftersThe completely open dining area and beautiful exposed ceilings of the converted church is just one of the many attributes at a popular Hamilton brewery and restaurant. Constantly cleaning up and dodging bird poo from the starlings and sparrows perching in the rafters was the unpleasant downside for the staff. Read More »
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    Property Manager Rids Buildings of Bird ProblemWasting money on unsightly, ineffective bird repellent devices costs property managers thousands, yet still leaves them with unhappy tenants and on-going building maintenance issues as well as long-term damage. One such property manager has recently found Wingo to be perfect for commercial buildings as an affordable and very effective method to keep birds away permanently. Read More »
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    Farmers Protect Assets from Bird Damage & FiresProtecting farm assets and machinery is a real priority right now. As finances tighten, ensuring all farm vehicles and machinery are in top working order is especially important. Birds nesting in equipment and engine bays not only bring in dirt and debris that damage these assets, but the nests themselves are also a very real fire risk. Read More »
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    Pigeons Flee Parish Hall & Church Bell TowerThe Cambridge parish and church had such a serious problem with pigeons over the years that they have had to resort to paying for a plumber to clear their drains and spouting every two months, to prevent flooding in heavy rain. Read More »
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    Large Goat Shed Finally Bird FreeWaikato goat farmer can’t believe birds now fly straight through his dairy and goat sheds, and are no longer perching on the milking lines or rafters. Fed up with the dirt and debris created by birds scavenging for the goats’ feed meal, Paul Adam knew there had to be a better solution to managing the bird problem. Read More »
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    Birds Abandon Nesting in Awning - Home Owner AmazedCambridge home owner, Geoff Laurent, had just about given up on trying to prevent birds from nesting in the awning at his home. One application of Wingo last spring immediately stopped the birds from approaching the area, and continued to keep them away all summer. Read More »
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    Manawatu Farmer Relieved to be Free of Bird ProblemGiven the health and hygiene hazard caused by birds in the milking sheds and calf rearing areas, it is hardly surprising that dairy inspectors and assessors treat this problem very seriously. One Manawatu farmer had been struggling to manage a bird problem in his dairy shed, when his farm assessor suggested he try the AsureQuality approved bird repellent, Wingo™. Read More »
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    AsureQuality Gives Wingo the Big TickNew bird repellent, Wingo™, has recently passed AsureQuality dairy, food and beverage assessment as safe to use in dairy farm and food processing areas. This timely announcement is a relief for many dairy farmers with Fonterra daily milk dockets warning of vats being dumped due to birds caught in the pump. Read More »
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    Daily Milk Docket Warns of Bird ProblemDaily Milk Docket Message: Please check your vat for birds before closing it to begin milking. Several loads of milk have had to be disposed of recently due to birds caught in the pump. Read More »
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    Farm Contractors Relieved Bird Repellent Safe & EffectiveDamage caused by birds to stored farm equipment and machinery is a frustration for farmer contractors everywhere. With most bird control solutions being at best ineffective, or at worst dangerous and inhumane, it appeared the battle between bird and farmer was getting nowhere. The launch of a new food-based repellent that is not only safe to use but effective for up to two years, is a huge relief for everyone in the industry. Read More »
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    Bird Control - Know Your PestsKeeping birds away from home, carpark, warehouse, place of work or outdoor eating area, is an on-going problem that has been difficult to control until now. 'Wingo' will effectively control birds and keep them away for up to two years. Read More »
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    Food-Based Pest Control Gel Approved for Milking ShedsKeeping pests and, in particular, birds out of calf rearing areas and milking sheds is a very serious issue for most farmers. With milk companies placing strict controls around hygiene and the use of chemicals, finding ways to prevent birds and other pests spreading bacteria adds to the challenge. The recent announcement that the new food-based 'Wingo' bird repellent is approved for use in milking sheds is welcome news. Read More »