Keeping birds away from home, carpark, warehouse, place of work or outdoor eating area, is an on-going problem that has been difficult to control until now. 'Wingo' will effectively control birds and keep them away for up to two years.

Sometimes part of the challenge is knowing what you are dealing with. So to help you 'Know Your Pests', we have created this page summarising the most common birds which also cause a pest problem for people and their property:

Blackbirds are a pest due to the damage they cause fruit in orchards. They dig up and ruin newly sown or watered ground. They also spread weed seeds into unwanted areas such as horticultural crops and native forests.

Geese are a pest to agricultural, horticultural and arable farmers because they destroy newly sown crops and graze on grass reserved for other animals. Geese droppings spread disease and bacteria, and effects water quality. 

Finches are a pest to crop and horticultural farmers as they eat large quantities of seeds. Finches are particularly harmful to kiwifruit farmers as they eat the undeveloped buds.

Most people are understandably fearful of Magpies as they are known to attack people when they are hungry or nesting. They are also a common pest as they kill native birds plus they cause a big mess in areas where they forage for food.

Ducks are pests due to the large quantities of crops and grain that they eat. They also transmit diseases. Viruses can live in a duck for up to 4 weeks.

Like the Magpie, people are understandable fearful of Mynas which are also known to attack people. They are also a mennis to native areas as they kill native birds plus make a mess anywhere they live.

Seagulls are the biggest pest in coastal areas for their scavenging of food from cafe tables, picnics and bbqs. They droppings they leave on furniture, cars and other facilities is also a health risk and ruins these assets.

Sparrows are an absolutely nightmare for people with trees overhanging their home or outdoor dining area. Their droppings ruin furniture, cars and add a health risk to outdoor eating.

Like the Sparrow, the Starling is another common pest particularly in inland, suburban or urban areas where they typically nest in trees which may be hanging over your home or parked car.



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