Having carefully planted and grown a healthy row of trees along the driveway to provide privacy and form a shelter from the prevailing winds, one urban home-owner has been disappointed to discover the local birdlife has also taken to a liking to her trees. With the branches providing the perfect perching place, the birds are now also pooping all over any cars parked in the driveway – a frustration and embarrassment for both owners and visitors.

Living in a popular coastal town, home-owner, Chantelle Laurent, has never really been bothered by the seagulls and other birds in the area, until the trees along her driveway grew to maturity and became a popular landing spot.

“It’s only since the trees have got bigger that I started noticing droppings on vehicles parked in the driveway,” she explains. “It’s annoying, especially when I’ve only just cleaned my car. It’s a bit embarrassing too when it happens to visitors’ cars.”

Fed up with spot cleaning her car and advising visitors to park on the roadside, Chantelle decided to give Wingo bird repellent a try.

“I had a talk with Tony and he recommended I put some bird repellent on a few of the branches of each tree and on parts of the roof of my home.”

Made from food-based products such as vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.  The primary deterrent to birds is the sticky feel of the vegetable oil, while the cinnamon smell acts as the longer-term barrier and warning to birds.

“It’s worked even better than I expected,” confirms Chantelle. “I didn’t think that would be enough to put them off landing in my trees but they really don’t like the smell of the cinnamon, even though I can’t smell it at all!”

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