Damage caused by birds to stored farm equipment and machinery is a frustration for farmer contractors everywhere. With most bird control solutions being at best ineffective, or at worst dangerous and inhumane, it appeared the battle between bird and farmer was getting nowhere. The launch of a new food-based repellent that is not only safe to use but effective for up to two years, is a huge relief for everyone in the industry.


The presence of birds and, in particular, bird droppings is a red flag to farm contractors.  The damage to tractors and other stored vehicles significantly reduces the lifespan of these assets. While twigs, hay and dirt brought into sheds for making nests is a serious fire hazard as well as an extra mess to clean up.

Sharemilker, Tony Overbeek, was dealing with a particularly bad, long-term bird problem in his sheds when he discovered Wingo, the food-based bird repellent being heralded as the safest and most effective long-term solution for farmers. 

“We had a serious problem with birds in the actual cow shed,” explains Overbeek. “The birds were making a big mess on the milk likes and air lines in the shed so I tried Wingo there and it got rid of the problem altogether.”

Two years later, the gel is covered in dust but still working effectively.  Overbeek has not had a single bird enter his sheds or any other area where he has applied the product.

Distributor of Wingo, Shoof International, has also received growing interest from agricultural contractors throughout Australia and New Zealand. As group sales manager, John Stubbs, explains, “We have a lot of ag contractors and farmers who use a lot of machinery which is kept in sheds, but whom suffer from birds sitting on rafters above these and messing them up.”

Made from food-based products such as vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.  The primary deterrent to pests is the gel oil, while the cinnamon smell creates the longer-term barrier reminding animals that the gel is in the area.

Available from most farm stores and rural traders throughout Australia and New Zealand, Wingo is highly effective at keeping birds out of farm sheds for up to two years.

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