Waikato goat farmer can’t believe birds now fly straight through his dairy and goat sheds, and are no longer perching on the milking lines or rafters. Fed up with the dirt and debris created by birds scavenging for the goats’ feed meal, Paul Adam knew there had to be a better solution to managing the bird problem.


One year after applying the new bird repellent, Wingo, to his goat sheds and milking shed, Waikato goat farmer, Paul Adam, can’t believe the birds are still staying away.

“We have a roof over our vats where the birds were nesting,” explains Paul. “We put Wingo around the inside edge of the roof area and we’ve had no birds ever since.”

Paul milks 600 goats in a 48 bale rotary milking shed on his 53 hectare farm based in the Waikato. The goats are all housed and fed indoors which makes it a huge attraction to the local bird-life.

“The odd bird will scavenge for meal on the floor,” he says. “But they no longer sit along the milk lines or around the roof or on top of the meal feeder. The birds just don’t seem to go near wherever we have put the gel.”

Made from food-based products including vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment. The primary deterrent to birds is the feel of the gel oil, while the cinnamon smell creates the longer-term barrier reminding these pests that the gel is in the area.

Paul is certainly impressed with the results describing his main goat shed as being pretty clean now compared to what it used to be like when the birds were perching inside.

“I can’t believe that, even now, although the birds do fly through because it’s a big open shed, they’re not actually staying in there.  I just highly rate the stuff!”