Given the health and hygiene hazard caused by birds in the milking sheds and calf rearing areas, it is hardly surprising that dairy inspectors and assessors treat this problem very seriously. One Manawatu farmer had been struggling to manage a bird problem in his dairy shed, when his farm assessor suggested he try the AsureQuality approved bird repellent, Wingo™.


“Our farm assessor noted the bird problem we had in the dairy shed,” says farm manager, Hamish Doohan.  “I was concerned about what products we could use because of the Fonterra regulations, and he put me on to Wingo.”

Birds are identified as high risk pests to food processing operations such as milking sheds. Any faeces in the milking shed is a hygiene and health issue which is why the presence of birds in the area is treated so seriously.  In particular, the risk of salmonella is a very real concern in calf rearing areas.

Doohan applied the gel around the top of the bars in the shed and noticed an immediate effect, “Within a few days the birds had stopped flying in and out of the shed.  We still get the odd bird that comes in but there’s stuff all coming into the shed now.”

Managing a large farm based in the Manawatu with 650 cross-bred cows and five full-time workers plus casuals, Hamish was surprised at the speed and effectiveness of the Wingo gel.

“During the day when there were no cows, there’d be hundreds of birds on the platform,” explains Doohan.  “But now there’s stuff all.”

Made from food-based products such as vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.  The primary deterrent to pests is the gel oil, while the cinnamon smell creates the longer-term barrier reminding animals that the gel is in the area.

Based on the results Doohan has seen in the milking areas, he will continue to use Wingo in the dairy she and in other areas affected by birds around the farm.  

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