The last thing you need when you finally get that lovely new outdoor furniture setting you ordered is to be worrying about birds crapping all over it. One home owner on the Coromandel Peninsula recently came up with a great way to use Wingo to prevent birds from landing or perching on the furniture on their balcony.

The outdoor seating or dining area is considered a normal part of our summer lifestyle here in New Zealand.  We are lucky enough to have access to the space as well as very affordable outdoor furniture, allowing us to enjoy al fresco dining for as long as the weather is fine.  Unfortunately our outdoor birdlife has also enjoyed this move to outdoor living and dining, frequently perching on surrounding tables and chairs waiting for any leftover scraps of food.

“Even though we bring the squabs indoors each evening, the birds can still cause a mess over the furniture,” explains our Coromandel home owner.  “Their droppings are impossible to remove completely, especially once they are dried, so I wanted to find something that would stop them coming near our furniture in the first place.”

Having heard about Wingo through friends, the couple decided to give it a try too but they didn’t want to put anything directly onto the furniture, and the glass frontage of their balcony meant there was no-where they could apply it around the deck either.

“A friend of ours had explained how he had put some Wingo in a small tray near his tomato plants to keep the birds away which apparently worked really well so we did the same and put the bird repellent in a dish on the furniture to try to deter the birds that way.”

Made from food-based products such as vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.  The primary deterrent to birds is the sticky feel of the vegetable oil, while the cinnamon smell acts as the longer-term barrier and warning to birds.

Placing the Wingo bird repellent into a small dish which was then placed on the chair back of the lounge setting has solved the problem and kept the birds away from their outdoor furniture.

“It’s worked so well that we’ve put another dish of Wingo by the BBQ and may use it in other areas around the house a well!”

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