Wasting money on unsightly, ineffective bird repellent devices costs property managers thousands, yet still leaves them with unhappy tenants and on-going building maintenance issues as well as long-term damage. One such property manager has recently found Wingo to be perfect for commercial buildings as an affordable and very effective method to keep birds away permanently.

Frank Gies owns and manages two very prominent buildings on the main street in Cambridge, New Zealand.  Both had extremely bad problems with pigeons landing and nesting on the façade causing an unsightly mess for his tenants and their retail customers.

“The birds were a really big problem there,” explains Frank.  “They caused a huge mess around the windows, parapets and ledges, and the tenants were not happy but I didn’t think the bird spikes were the answer either.”

After receiving on-going complaints from his tenants in one building, as well as numerous requests to install spikes, Frank finally agreed to the $12,000 investment as a way to solve the problem.

But Frank’s expectations were soon confirmed when the spikes had no impact on the problem at all, “The spikes put them off briefly but then they got used to them and now they just land and nest between the spikes.”

After talking with Tony Overbeek, manufacturer of Wingo, Frank decided to give the gel a try on his neighbouring building where he hadn’t yet installed any spikes.  Tony applied Wingo along the ledges and roof of the building, and not a single bird has landed there since.

“We applied it about 2-3 months ago, and we haven’t seen birds in that area at all.  The stuff works really well,” confirms Frank.

Wingo contains only vegetable-based gel oil and cinnamon to deter birds for up to two years in covered areas.  Birds don’t like the feel of the gel oil on their claws while the cinnamon smell is a reminder that the gel is still active, effectively deterring the birds long-term.

Considering the Wingo application was only a fraction of the cost that he spent on installing spikes to his neighbouring building, Frank now plans to use the gel on other properties.

“Wingo is perfect for commercial buildings, and I’m keen to try it on other buildings now.”


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