The completely open dining area and beautiful exposed ceilings of the converted church is just one of the many attributes at a popular Hamilton brewery and restaurant. Constantly cleaning up and dodging bird poo from the starlings and sparrows perching in the rafters was the unpleasant downside for the staff.


Hamilton brewery and restaurant, Good George, is not only famous for their great ‘home’ brews but the wonderful open plan design of their venue which completes the friendly, relaxed setting.  Unfortunately, every sparrow and starling in the area also thought this was a great place to hang out, causing a real problem for the bar staff and waiters who had to be extra vigilant with cleaning and while serving guests.

“The biggest problem was birds pooping on customers - it was a really bad issue,” explains owner and manager, Jacqui.  “We have big fire doors which we roll up because we are a working brewery.  The birds would come straight in and gather on the exposed beams.”

Frustrated with the endless task of cleaning up bird poo, Jacqui decided to give Wingo a try, applying it in a zig zag pattern across all the rafters.  Six weeks later, she and her team still can’t believe the result.

“I can’t remember the last time we had to wipe up any bird poo,” confirms Jacqui.  “The birds definitely still come into the building but they don’t perch on the rafters anymore.”

Made from food-based products such as vegetable oil and cinnamon, Wingo is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.  The primary deterrent to birds is the sticky feel of the vegetable oil, while the cinnamon smell acts as the longer-term barrier and warning to birds.

“The team have all noticed a huge difference, we were the ones who were mainly being pooped on,” says Jacqui, confirming her relief at finally clearing the bird problem from their venue.  Allowing them all to get on with what they do best which is producing and serving great beer and food to their guests.

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