SafeShifter - Safer Irrigation Shifting

If you’ve ever moved irrigation systems around the farm then you’ve probably thought there must be a better way… At last, there is!

SafeShifter makes moving irrigation easier and faster by allowing you to drag longer lengths of pipe, reducing paddock movements.

It also reduces accidents, and damage to hoses and equipment being dragged through gateways, by preventing irrigation equipment from getting caught on posts, gudgeons and gates. At night or low light conditions, the SafeShifter high visibility design identifies the hazard while the arrows guide you through the gateway safely.

Navigating paddocks in the dark suddenly becomes much easier and safer with the SafeShifter. It can also be used as a general farm hazard identification device to alert staff and contractors of areas to take caution around when working day or night.

Come and see it for yourself at the Fieldays Innovation Centre!