The only 100% safe bird control product available today – safe for people, safe for animals and safe for the planet. Containing a thickened vegetable oil gel and cinnamon, birds don’t like the feel of the gel on their claws. The smell of the cinnamon acts as the long-term deterrent, reminding birds that the gel is still in the area.

Wingo is effective for up to two years in a covered locations, or up to 8 months in outdoor/exposed areas.

For application recommendations, please check the relevant page For Farmers, For Home Owners or For Businesses.

One application in a covered area will last up to two years!


Passed AsureQuality Assessment for food, beverage, dairy farm and factory adjacent to food areas H3369.


“We have just tried this out at home, where we have had birds in our awning for years. Impossible to get rid of them. Then tried this stuff. They are gone. Amazing stuff!” – Geoff Laurent