Bird Control For Farmers - Use Wingo For Farm Safety + Compliance

Birds are a serious issue on the farm.  Their ability to spread dirt, viruses and other bacteria in the milking shed is a constant concern for farmers.  While the risk of salmonella is a very serious issue in calf rearing areas where calves natural immune systems are still not strong enough to fight such a disease.

Tractor fires also continue to be a serious issue for all farmers as birds build nests in the engine bay which provide the perfect fuel to catch alight when the engine is started. Applying Wingo around the engine bay will prevent birds nesting here and save you thousands in downtime and vehicle repair or replacement costs.

Wingo is AsureQuality Certified for use in the milking shed.



Where to apply the gel?

Pick strategic spots where birds land, nest or enter the building.  It’s not necessary to totally coat the length of an entrance as the cinnamon smell permeates a reasonable distance, alerting birds to the presence of the gel.  Instead, choose specific posts, alternate milking lines or alternate ceiling joists.

How to apply the gel?

  1. Choose the spot where you want to apply the gel.
  2. Clean the surface of dust, flaking paint, bird droppings or other debris.
  3. Dry the surface if wet.
  4. Cut stopper on cartridge and screw nozzle back on to the cartridge.
  5. Fit Wingo cartridge into a caulking gun (or similar glue gun device).
  6. Apply a length of tape to protect the surface and allow for easy removal of the gel.
  7. Squirt a zigzag or spiral of gel onto the taped surface.
  8. Apply similar squirts approximately 30-70cm apart to cover a large area.

Wingo is equally effective when used in exposed areas eg. Tree bases, branches or exterior fences, but will need to be reapplied more frequently as the gel will deteriorate after long-term exposure to harsh sunlight, wind and rain.  We recommend reapplying every 6-8 months in these areas.